Our three residential developments

As the property developer for Desert Springs, it is Ambera’s intention
to transform the area not just into a place where people want to live, but into a place which is pleasant and inviting for friends and family to come visit.

In order to create dynamism and variation, we have designed three different residential projects for the next development phase of Desert Springs which will be integrated into the existing areas. These are: Golf Suites, Tomahawk Suites and Urban Villas.

Our three residential areas will be divided into several different construction stages. Which projects and fields are posted for reservation and sale first will soon be launched. 

Desert Springs Kart

The extensive use of large windows and asymmetrical forms creates
an organic expression which brings further life and character to Desert Springs. There will be communal spaces between the buildings such as meeting places, pools and park facilities.

All of our homes are carefully designed from quality materials and elements which mean you can live and thrive all year round in your new home. We offer one, two, three or four bedroom properties. All of our apartments, terraced houses and villas have an open plan layout inside, a lush and verdant Mediterranean garden outside and access to fantastic communal areas.

Here at Ambera, we always deliver turnkey homes of a consistently high standard. They are ready for you to move in and enjoy right from day one. No matter which project you choose to look at more closely, we are confident you’ll find something that suits you.

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